I'm Bowing before your throne "Runner Up" Song of the Year songwriting competition

This is Jennifer with the Song of the Year songwriting competition. We wanted to contact you and let you know that we have received the votes from the judges from December¹s round of the competition. We had some mail server issues (due to an update with our website) so we were unsure if you had received this previously. disregard. Though your material did not place in the top 5 within it¹s respective category, your material was still quite impressive. You did make our "Runner Up" placement as listed at: http://www.songoftheyear.com/winners/2009/December/runup.htm December was the most competitive month of the 2009 contest. The "Runner Up" placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists. Only a very small percentage of those who enter the contest ever place at any level. Great job on your Runner Up placement and thank you for taking part in the Song of the Year contest.

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