Holy Smoke

by DJ Sam RonnieDiamond Hoard Stephen Evans & David Range Saints of The Most High, What It Do? March seemed as if it lasted for a year all by itself. I don’t know about where everyone else is from, but, in the Windy City Chicago, the wind became the least of our problems. By the grace of God, we can make it through anything, and hopefully another winter (the worst), is behind us. Looking ahead into 2008, one of the anointings we will have the opportunity to experience is in the music ministry of Yvonne Cobbs- Bey. I have had the pleasure of listening to music from two different CD’s previously released by this California based artist. When I initially listened to the first track on her “Stand Still” album, I was delighted at the amount of Gospel traditional sound in “I Can’t Tell It All”. It reminded me of some of the great quartets and small choirs, The Norfleet Brothers, Edwin Hawkins Singers, and others with the knee slapping, get up and shout music of old. From the moment you hear this song, get ready to get yo’ Jesus on!!!!! There is great harmony and unison on “I’m Indebted”, but the song that really grabbed me, was “My Soul Loves Jesus”. I have one question, “Where did you get that piano player?” The music accompaniment in this song is a mini concerto unto itself. I have in my time, heard some great piano players, and I must say that the music minister on the piano in this song, is in a class with the great ones. Yvonne did a masterful job of vocalizing along with the musician. These combinations are hard to come by, and I understand it could have been her playing, she’s an accomplished musician. I listened to Yvonne’s CD for two days, before something struck me as different from most Gospel/Christian CD’s that I have had an opportunity to review. A good percentage of Cobbs-Bey’s music sounds like you could take it, and place it in the middle of a stage play. It sounded like the music you would hear in a Tyler Perry production, touring the country. It then became evident to me that Cobbs-Bey had a sound, a reaching voice that sounded like she was singing from the stage of a play. I once heard a gentleman say, “I’m so good that sometimes I scare myself.” WELLLLL!, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Cobbs-Bey’s manager, Brother Alonzo Bey on the phone, and afterwards, I googled her name, and found a website for her www.yvonnecobbs-bey.com. I also discovered that Yvonne was indeed from a background in stage plays, and was attached to a theater company. Songs on the CD such as “There’s Power In your Name” seem to follow a scene where inspiration is the theme, and this song delivers. The background, arrangement, and her vocal attack on the song would tear the roof off of any performance venue. The entire album is a steep in traditional sound, and profound ministry. I was also blessed to be able to hear a few tracks from her CD, “God’s Always There”. The title track to this CD was once again a song that was a perfect fit for a great stage production. Yvonne should consider writing a script around her music, and maybe producing a play, I’m in!! The house would be packed every night. The CD jacket also list Yvonne as one of the arrangers of the music, which makes her a triple threat in the industry, vocalist, arranger, and actress, as well as a few other hats of distinction. The song on the “God’s Always There” CD that I really enjoyed was “A Place of No More”, the Latin beat, and feel were a huge step away from the traditional sound of some of her other songs. The background vocals were on point, and perfectly accented the lead vocals by Cobbs-Bey. There were steel drums, maracas, the works!! I got up and danced a bit on this one. I also discovered that Yvonne has a health ministry, so she is practicing the healing of the Lord from inside and outside. God Bless Her!!! I would suggest that when you have the opportunity, go online and listen before you purchase your favorite songs from her CDS... And be blessed. www.gospelswap.com/ yvonnecobbsbey www.gospelswap.com/ yvonnecobbsbey1 You can also reach her at www.beydazl.com on the web. Her music is also in regular rotation on Synergy1 Radio on the internet. Well that’s it for me, but before I go, a lot of you are asking to know more about DJ Sam, and whuzzzup wit me. You can visit me on the web at www.muziknallthat.com anytime. Check out my site, and sign my guestbook. I’m outta here now. Pray for yourself, and somebody else. God Bless, Much Success, In Jesus Name

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